A Few Suggestions to Look Over

Hey there, I recently had a a few suggestions sent my way that I think are much needed in this server for a vast Quality of Life improvement. Please comment or bump this post up so staff can see it if you agree with these suggestions.

  1. Cron Stone reduction for Accessories. At the moment it is a very scary process to try to save accessories with Cron Stones, as it takes about 500+ Cron Stones to keep a TRI attempt from blowing up your DUO Accessory and even then it degrades your DUO to PRI sometimes. This hurts… A LOT. A lower Cron Stone amount for Accessories would encourage more attempts and be less suicide inducing when it fails.

  2. Absolute skills seems to only work on Maehwa and Musa at this moment, and if we could get Absolute Skills up and running for all classes, (Kuno/Ninja Priority (shout-out to Vypra and BlastChilla)) that would make it a lot more fun to play all classes. Fusion skills are also not working as intended where you cannot choose which fusion skill you want to make or learn. If that can be remedied, that would be awesome.

  3. Horse skills being increased slightly more would be a nice quality of life improvement. The skills at the moment are adequate, but as a private server we like the cushy lazy life at least for things that aren’t fully gear related. as for horses learning a lot of skills I don’t see that impacting anyone in a bad way.

  4. Awakened spirit stone quest is still stuck at the Centaurus Seeker part. I also heard there is a node manager in Kamasylvia that isn’t spawned in the game, therefore making both Questlines impossible to progress in to get the great spirit stones at the end. If this can become a priority as well to fix, I would be in your debt.

Again if you agree with this, please comment and bump this post so the staff can look into it and hopefully get to fixing these issues in a quick and efficient manner. Thanks for reading to the end ha ha.


I agree with zombies, and I have some Suggestions.
Hope to adjust the Akaman’s items Drop rate (or reduce the monster’s HP, where the monster is too hard, even 260+ap is hard to farm)
The monster of the node Manshaum Forest in Kamasylvia region causes serious delays and kills the player.

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Another suggestion I forgot to mention was Pets should get a higher chance to learn skills. I have a t4 pet with 0 skills and it hurts not being able to have those t4 skills on it. If this could get looked at, that would be awesome!

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