Auto-fishing seems to be bugged to some degree.
I have master 9 fishing on my character Lawlo (family - Imba) and after leaving him on autofish for ~12 hours, he managed to catch ~15-20 white fish and nothing else.
The durability of the rod had also barely decreased, which confirms that there were very few throws involved.
During this, I had +5 Fishing, a Steel Fishing Rod and a fishing costume on top of the +5 if that matters.

Manual fishing seems fine though

My discord is Marcus#1337

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Interestingly, it works fine when I’m here AFK at my computer, but I definitely don’t gain what I should overnight.

It’s also a bit weird that I have master 9 fishing but nearly always get white fish

It almost seems like it gets worse over time or something. The first couple of throws seemed like they were at the correct pace.
On Retail, in an abundant area you get hooks roughly every 30 seconds if you have +5 fishing.
Here it seems to be everything from 30 seconds to 20 minutes
In the past hour, I’ve had 3 catches (on auto fish)

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