Gathering and Farming Incentives...

Hey, I was wondering if we could look into making the Gathering and Farming incentives a bit higher so people will try to get more resources into the marketplace for everyone to use. Increase the drop rate of sharps and hard mainly so that instead of only bosses being the main attraction for those shards, the life-skillers can also have a good chance of getting decent drops as well.

Let me know in the comments your own ideas on this topic, such as % of drop increase or if other drops should be added into the pool of drops for gathering and farming, such as parts for training horses for T9 awakening or something… Anyways post on the comments your ideas is what i’m getting at.


I agree with this suggestion. I hope to obtain sharps and hard crystals when pruning my farm plants. As of now, the incentive to level life skills does not seem as efficient when gathering resources, such as sharps. It would be interesting if other items were included in the drop pool when gathering and farming.

I think a 15-25% chance of hard/sharp is good.

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