Failed to init security

I’ve tried running it in administration and repairing my files multiple times to no success.

My OS is Windows 10 Insider.

@lahn I reinstalled them I still have the issue.

This is what I could find, worth giving it a try:

Go to Windows Defender Sceurity Center.
Click on “App & browser control” located on the left and scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Exploit protection settings”.

On the System settings pane, do the following:
Turn all of the settings to “off by default” except for the two options listed below:

Randomise Memory allocation (Bottom-up ASLR)
Use default (On)

High-entropy ASLR
Use default (On)

On the Program settings pane, do the following (but make sure to add the file BlackDesert64.exe into the list first):

Leave all of the settings unchecked except for the following:
Randomise Memory allocation (Bottom-up ASLR)
Check the “Override system setting” box.
Click the switch to the “On” position.


NOTE: XINGCODE3 may take a very long time to initialize its security protocol download at first boot, but be patient, as after it’s done all of that, any subsequent booting or restarting of the game will be just as normal when loading up the game.


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