About the weather (again)

since the game have the corean content the weather was unable. i tried the command /weather in the general chat but nothing happened. Anyone can help me?

I played with weather before and now thats impossible what’s wrong?

Senior Game Master

Weather effects have been disabled due to FPS issues. Weather as a function itself is still intact. Meaning you can still perform stuff, like drying, that requires certain weather conditions to work.

i know that, you disabled weather cause of fps issue but before i was able to activate it by /weather but now this command don’t work anymore …

(Sorry im not english so i’ll try to understand) you mean the weather “graphics” was disabled but you can do drying and all function who need weather to work? If its that i want to know when the graphics can be enabled again? If you can’t answer i understand thx for your help.

Senior Game Master

Yes, only the visuals are disabled, the system itself works as it should.

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