Patch 3.0 - Soon we feast!


Good Morning OgreFest community!
Today we have performed a maintenance to include the brand new content known as Drieghan. The downloadable patch will contain a pre-load for this content and the release date will be announced in the future. We are providing the patch notes for today’s maintenance, please refer to the following for the details of the update.

This weeks patch is estimated to be 8 GB.

● Drieghan content pre-load is now available to download from the launcher.
● Updated English translations.
● Added Russian translations you can download from here: download ! Other translations will be available in the future as well.

【All Classes】
● Accuracy deduction for lower level players vs higher level monsters will now be far more aggressive.
● Implemented a feature that prevents a player from being consistently killed at nodes. The player will be granted 30 second immune time to escape the attacker, but if player attacks during that time it’s immunity will be removed.
● Implemented basic support for grab skills and/or skills that attach to other characters [WIP].

● Fixed a bug where certain quest tokens could be dropped due to death.
● Fixed a bug where marketplace would require for trade password.
● Fixed a bug where weight would not be synchronized with the client properly.
● The weight of trash loot that monsters in Balenos/Serendia/Calpheon has decreased to 0.01 LT.
● Implemented kamasilve warehouse.

【Pearl Shop】
● Mystic: Sprint Blossom Outfit Set / Heidel Masquerade Outfit Set
● Lahn: Sprint Blossom Outfit Set / Heidel Masquerade Outfit Set / Karlsetin Weapon & Outfit Set.

● Horses may now be killed by monsters if there is no rider.
● Implemented an experimental fix to prevent mounts with no rider from being prevented to be mounted.

● From now on all GM characters will have a green color displayed in chat when talking.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes some characters would not be removed from the world after death.
● Added chat message when the server is scheduled for automatic restart.

● Fixed a bug where sometimes when crafting from houses worker would get stuck.

● Fixed a bug where some players would crash when coming from official server with bad_module_info or after black screen.

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【Updated March 27】
● Fixed many missed animations for monsters / summons etc. For example Mystic’s dragon did not play animation that would go upwards and so on.
● Glitched out characters when spawning to world will be automatically teleported to Olvia.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes monsters would fail to detect if target is missing, ie: not spawned.

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【Updated March 28】
● Heuristic optimizations for networking and monster AI.

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【Updated March 29】
● Improved lots of monsters that had incorrect animation sequence. For example: Manshaum Forest monsters and Cartian Spell scroll boss.
● Server stability improvements.
● Heuristic optimizations for target find.

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Updated March 30.

【All Classes】
● Fixed summoned monster damage scaling.
● Fixed skill-addons for self-buffs.
● Implemented proper inactivity check at world boss.
● The damage to deal requirement to get a chance at loot has been lowered from 0.0005% to 0.00005%

● Fixed striker clone summoning.

● Fixed dragon damage.

● Fixed CC buffs for Shift + E awakening buff.

● Fixed set effects for armor sets: Agerian, Taritas, Steel Taritas, Talis.
● Fixed set effect display when logging on.
● Fixed weapon box “Black Abyssal Weapon Box”.

● Fixed many bugged quests related to “Cat on a Roof” and “[EXC] Asula’s Crimson Eye Necklace”.
● Fixed many bugged dialogues for item exchange quests such as “Toys (?) For Kids”.
● Fixed Nouver spawn delay.
● Rebalanced Kamasilve monsters. They will be at least 2-5 times easier to kill.
● Improved Monster AI to support many summoned characters. This fixes quests like “Arena of Death I”.
● Life skill drop rates have been increased by 100%.

● Overall server stability improvements.
● Implemented better disconnect detection. You should no longer be disconnected at character creation or other areas randomly.

Updated March 31.

【All Classes】
● Some corrections for air attack detection.

● Fixed max energy variation effects.
● Fixed repairing for new weapons (for example Lahn and new Drieghan boss gear).

● Implemented new mode “World Boss: OgreFest Edition” for April Fools.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes some actors would not be removed from the world. For example: Trees after collecting or Horses after sealing them to the NPC.

● Implemented level 50 ~ 52 pages display.
● Implemented proper error pages.

Updated April not 1st.

【All Classes】
● Accuracy has been re-adjusted for lower level players against high level monsters (ie world boss pre-50 lvl).

● Fixed a bug where some actors would not get removed from the world after disappearing. For example: Player logout or gathered a collect.

● Memory optimizations.
● Implemented basic guild rank display.
● Temporarily reverted last change to networking to prevent issues with “already connected”.

Updated April 2nd.

【All Classes】
● Players can no longer be grabbed while target has super-armor.

● Fixed “Awakening Weapon Box” for Lahn.
● Fixed a bug where timed immunity after re spawning would be ignored.

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Updated April 4th.

● Fixed durability enchant exploit.
● Fixed value pack inventory slot exploit.
● Fixed a bug where you would not be able to take out items from locked inventory slots.
● Fixed a bug where effects would not be removed when character is logged out.

● Fixed member slot exploit.

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Updated April 7.

● Generic algorithm optimizations.
● Implemented boss timers. You can find them under the Map near worker list.

alt text

Updated April 8.

【All Classes】
● Corrected “per good hit” skill effects for some skills.
● Improved grab logic for some cases.
● Removed 30 second immunity (unless hit) from revival items (example: Ellion’s Tear)
● Battleground potions can now be used in Arena of Arsha and Battle Arena.

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