[donation] pearls not enough

It’s a donation. You shouldn’t expect anything in return. You’re not getting a tax deduction.

If you considered its donation then they have to turn off buy system (pearl) Like official, shop permit to support server, it’s same here

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I was considering buying pearls since I like the server, it works well and what’s missing doesn’t really bother me as a new player.

But 160 pearl for 5$ ? You’re kidding me, I won’t. I leave my computer for the night and I get those pearls already what’s the point ? It’s way too low. I’ll go for it if it was around 1 000. Yes, 1 000, and it’s nothing since as said there are so much item to buy, and so much must have.

See ? Already lost one donator, who could have paid minimum 5$ every month. How much people already behaved like me ? dozens and dozens I’m sure.
That’s all in benefits to the server and the people running it, arguments like ‘you already get free pearl’ are stupid, we’re saying we want to give you money but the amount is too low so we don’t, give us what we want and you’ll make money on us.

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@raymond_ said in [donation] pearls not enough:

what’s the point ?

The point is to support the server.

we want to give you money, give us what we want

That sounds a bit contradictory. :thinking:

We are running a donation system not some kind of online shop. You should donate not because you want to get stuff in return for your money, which even if you do is just a means of appreciation from our part, but because you want to support the server.
Donation is something akin to gifting. Only thing you should expect to get in return for your money is a better and more polished service, anything other than that (e.g. pearls) is just a bonus. We don’t want to get P2W here.

But these are just my thoughts anyway, it’s not my place to decide how many pearls you get for how much of your hard earned money. Just hoping we can find some kind of middle ground where even if not everyone, but most will be happy. :smiley:

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Then don’t give any pearl at all, be at it and stop doing half the thing, don’t want to be pay to win but you can pay for pearl but not too much but don’t expect anything but expect a bit but you should not.

Wtf. Who’s sounding contradictory here ?

Anyway I agree that the donation is to support the server and should not be rewarded so it’s already nice to get something, but in the mechanics of it, and as it is understood by most, it’s just the way to buy pearls …

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We have to do donate 35€ in order to get one suits xD its more expensif then official… We are not sai we want p2w but actually it’s really not enough.

If you increase pearls amount, you will attract ppl !


Honestly If it is a donation system like you say it is and people are ought to expect nothing more then better service by donating then remove the pearl reward from the server entirely and see for how long you can live on “donations” alone :slight_smile:

Get real. Eather brake your standards and increase the pearl rewards for the people are literally asking you to take their money (which means you get more money and support to keep up your project btw :grin:) or remove it entirely. What you’re doing right now is contradicting yourself and you’re getting people pissed off by litterally asking way more then the offical server (which makes you look like a moneygrabbing cunt might I add). Not everyone is understanding.

Oh and yeah. If it were a true “donation” system like you’re telling us it is then you should make it so that anyone can donate an ammount they feel comfortable with and not confine us to 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. What if I want to give you $8.99 ? or how about $1479.89?

Rethink that whole donation thing will ya. If you listen you’ll only get more money surely more than you get now. And eather way its a private server. The pearls we get ingame are useless. You buy a few pets and theres no more use out of it except cosmetic.

@eerye This means you’re relying on people’s good will. That’s a horrible monetization technique. Unless you’re somehow getting paid for traffic in the server?
Considering what you’ve said i see a viable solution - there should be a separate system from good will donation that can offer a special title or some other vanity reward AND a system where you sell a considerable amount of pearls for a reasonable price.

You shouldn’t rely on good will to support a server… Unless you got rich friends/family meh.

Or just change some prices in the pearlshop…
make cosmetics and maybe pets 50% cheaper.
This way it wont touch the p2w aspect…but ppl. get more none p2w stuff for the same donation.

So admins, what do you think ? May you listen to your community ?

ok then yea, if the argument is “it’s donations, so you getting something is out of kindness”, scrap the donation bull and just sell us pearls if you wont change the afk system back to the way it was. im an outfit addict. i love for my characters to have 10 outfits each, and the reason i play private server is because normally that’s possible. on this server though, it’s not possible. i could barely afford a value pack in 2 days, and sure you can say what for? dont need a value pack. Im a lifeskiller, so the extra rates towards it along with extra money from mp if i sell things i create is really helpful. I want to come back to this server, but the one thing that throws me off is your pearl system. If one of you staff members is checking this forum, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show this to someone who can make the change. I’m playing on a server that doesnt even have an afk pearl system, and i STILL get more items from the pearl shop than i do here because at least their pearl boxes drop properly. Out of 2 days of grinding, 1 pearl box. Complete madness i swear. Pisses me off seeing that you all have yet to change the pearl system after all these players have asked and begged you to.

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