Trash loot didn't change to 0.01

A guild-member came up with this and tested it out


So I went ahead and tested it out for myself with 185 Broken Shackles:

185 of 0.10 LT-weighted items = 18.5 weight (Magic?)
As I’m currently on 565.9 weight, throwing away this stack should put me on 547.4 normally, without any weight changes, meaning that the 0.01 rule didn’t apply.
Otherwise, it should only remove 1.85 LT, and put me on 564.05 LT

This wasn’t the case. I removed the trash items and this was the outcome:

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yes yes same issue,fix fix fix D:

Why not the other trash items though? @Lahn

// Unless you want to stay with the normal patches, I don’t see why you wouldn’t decrease other trash items to 0.01 as well

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