After update cannot loggin

Hi, i cannot login anymore since last update

Hi, same here.
Solved by deleting UserCache folder in user documents/Black Desert folder.
Lost the key binds parameters, but at least can play.

Delete the gameoptions.txt

Same issue, tried both things but to no avail.

i tried unistall and reinstall, reboot computor also… not fixed…

does it work on another character?

xD after i removed cache, fixed access denied, clear game logs, i cannot go to srlection char…

@Lahn ,
If I log in to another account altogether (different email) I can finally access character selection.
But I have 0 characters here as opposed to a full account on my other email (that is still bugged with above shown error (screenshot).

during update, i loged in, i did it but they were no models… maybe GM have to force discnect ours players, or w8 rebooot :(

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hi i have the same problem and nothing is helping as soon as i log into the char.scr. i got this error, i tried ignore it but he game does not load anyways…

Same issue here. I deleted the full folder of Black Desert in My Documents and the error still shows.

Edit: Also tried clearing cache, log files, etc

Edit: Tried repairing the client. The error persists.

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did u find how to solve it

its being fixed, maybe we are going to be able to connect to server today.

Patch has been submitted and you should be able to play now.

ya the patch was implemented but i am getting the same error code 0_1522185130182_1dfd94d7-e99c-4a67-a1ce-e6e729295eaa-image.png still cant log on my main char. what should i do? this is after the patch and after a restart of the server and after the server went down. still cant log on my main.

Looks like your connection to OgreFest | Black Desert Online Private Server was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.