[Fixed] Gathering's "tooltip" not disappearing after gathering

Let’s say I’m butchering with Fox

Afterwards, it’ll still say I can butcher it

Even though, when I’m done butchering it again (counter still shows up and all that), I just stand still and get 0 resources, as I obviously already butchered this very same fox, but the tooltip was never removed

Gemstone <Treeflower>

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I just wanted to add that this happens with all gathering. Mining, Lumbering, Gathering by hand, etc. And ends up becoming a guessing game. With mining especially, once a resource has been gathered from, the tooltip continues to remain which blocks the mining of resources under it. I wish I could record for more evidence but am unable to at this time.
Moving some distance away and coming back does not fix the problem. Along with going to character selection and connecting again does not fix it.
I would also like to add that this only became a problem after the 3.0 patch.
alt text
alt text
alt text

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