[Solved] [Item] Food: Borscht

Item ID: 9408
Recipe: 7 Jerky + 3 Milk + 1 Cinnamon + 2 Water

Description: Effect says Max Energy + 10

Not sure if its supposed to add max energy by 10 or recover my energy by 10
but which ever it is supposed to do, its not working

Proof: Nothing happened when I ate it

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Random Fact: If it was to recover 10 energy its description would say so, such as “Energy Recovery +10”.

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It says max energy +10 not energy recovery.

Guys, I said It didn't increased my energy by 10 NOR Recovered my energy by 10 as I was not sure which is supposed to be

and you said it increases energy by 10, And it is not working as I stated
why is this tagged as invalid?

A lil bit more reading would be appreciated.
You ask people to describe the problem as humanly as possible and yet you don’t read the thing? wow thanks

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Sorry, we had the developers to look into it another time. Also fixed in next patch.

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