Error Code: 0xE019101A

I have played the game until the character creation. While I taking my time making my character, then the server connection was lost and the game closed. This happen about 6-7 times and the last time I open the game then the error code: 0xE019100B popped up and i cant even enter the character creation anymore. I want to play this game so bad, please any help would be greatly appreciated.

![alt text](0_1522416585211_lol.png image url)

Seems like you had another instance open. Did you play the on the official BDO servers recently by any chance?

never, im playing on my new pc actually it’s still clean

Is your firewall enabled or do you have any form of anti virus installed and enabled?
Send me the outcome of what you get when you hit “Log”, please. What do you get when you click on “Get More Info” ?

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Mind attempting to repair the files? Thanks!

I disabled all of my antivirus and still doesn’t work…
here is the screenshot again…


Get More Info
0_1522423352679_get more.png

I did the repair files also doesn’t work…


Please put this file into the following game directory: bin64/xc/kr/2 and attempt launching again.


Looks like your connection to OgreFest | Black Desert Online Private Server was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.