Create a Discord channel name: Trading or Buy and sell

With this discord, people can tell what they want to buy or sell.
This will help with players to sell some rare item or people to buy.
I hope u guys know what i mena buy that. Like horses, Boss weapon, , rare drops.
People cna use this system to make offer ( no pealr offer or gift) but fix price.
Example: in discord chat:

Saler: Selling Pri Kzarka staff
Interresed Buyer 1 : I want to buy it for 250m
Interresed Buyer 2: I want this pri kzarka staff for 270m
Saler: will sell it for 270m in 10 min

Something like this

A simple #marketplace would be useful, and we could do with either “WTB” (Wanting to buy) or “WTS” (Wanting to sell) <item> to keep it short and easy

For example:
WTB Kite Shield +13
WTS PRI Kzarka Gauntlet

Great idea though, I’ll bring it forward to the other staff

ya, thanks to simplify my idea.
I hope this dream come true fast.

They dont need to code something, just player will feel the chat and follow some rules, like no pearl trading

Guys The Marketplace channel on the Ogrefest Discord will be very helpfull, since many player cant communicate due to the different language channel.
Some people got many Boss Box and are willing to sell but some some classes are needed than other.
this channel will be important to the supply and demand of players in the game and make trade very easy for everyone.

This don’t demand a lot of effort but will bring a lot of happiness. I hope GM will consider my offer.

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