[SKILL] Mystic - Dragon's pit (0 damage) - PVP

Hello, im here another time.

Skill ID: 2797 (Dragon’s Pit - Mystic Awakening)
Description: Skill deals 0 damage and debuffs don’t work, PVP only. PVE seems working (need testing btw, seems strange even PVE)
Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqyMBSQcME4

I can confirm PvE works as I got hyped about it myself- Strange how it works for PvE but not PvP



I assume it could be because damage would’ve been reduced in PvP and they never really fixed the damage output when it comes to damaging players

We’ll look into it as soon as we can, it’ll most likely be fixed in the next update

@lahn said in [SKILL] Mystic - Dragon's pit (0 damage) - PVP:

Use Alt + C

They were in the Battle Arena, everyone’s pvp is enabled there by default

I can confirm, we were in Battle Arena and we could hit each other with all skills with the exception of Dragon’s Pit.

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