Trade managers are bugged

So there’s this weird bug with the trade managers where the selling price is sky high but when you sell the item you dont even get half of the base price (e.g. being a fish for 4680 base price, shows as 7mil in trade manager!!! but you only get 250~ when you sell it even when nodes are connected from velia to altinova and back…)

Here’s some evidence of base price:
0_1522476427540_fish base price.png

Before selling, absurd price and balance before sale:
0_1522476472318_idiotic price.png
0_1522476479420_balance before sale.png

Balance after sale:
0_1522476497504_balance after selling.png

Wish this could be fixed asap as i’m getting chump change for an inventories worth of fish and trade items in general, plus trading is kinda one of the things i enjoy in BDO.

Thanks in advance for any attention this might get!!



As far as I know, the trading system was never implemented properly, resulting in that kind of stuff
It’s a known bug and it’ll be fixed soon

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