Stop PK at WB...

Hey , i litteraly got PK at kzarka and i want to say it’s not fair play for the new players or players with low gear.

I know it’s a game PvP and if you want PK you can but maybe can we just Stop it at the WB or do something like that for the moments or for all times , i don’t know…

It’s just an idea don’t flame me or what else for this

Thank you.

PS : i’m not english , sorry for my bad english

Edit : Maybe can you create a Server with only PvP and one others with only PvE ?

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Maybe some measures should be starting to be applied yeah, i have no idea if it would be possible to make world bosses spots places where forced pvp could not be activated or maybe even starting giving temporary bans to players who have been behaving like this. This coming from the consideration these actions are intentionally done with the purpose of harassing other players and being toxic. or that suggestion of different use servers; PvE and PvP. I don’t know, just thinking on possible ideas to work around the issue. But the point is i do agree this is getting a little to much out of what is a “healthy balance”

@firan-vermithrax or just ban Princess from the game… problem solved

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