Tagging problem.

Item ID : 7423

So I’ve tried to grab the potato crate to level up some strength, and I got that nagging message about not being able to get trade items while tagging. Asked around in chat, got around to the tagging system, turns out I cannot tag any of my characters… it just doesn’t let me, it only gives me the message “Cannot tag” . Can anyone check this thing out? I’d like to carry some potatoes all night. :)

Update : After the server restarted, I could grab the potato crate from the warehouse, but the tagging still doesn’t work even after I got rid of the trading goods in my inventory.

Proof : Proof

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If you could post a screenshot of the error it would help. :ok_hand:
There’s a link to a template for bug reports in my sig, you may want to check it out. :point_down:

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