Improve enchantment

It’s frustrating to farm several hours and lose all the accessories, because enchancement success rates are to low… And for players that are starting now, it gets even harder, making the server have fewer and fewer new people.

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So true, the rate is kind of weird. They improve success rate enchant, i put more effort to get duo and tri here compare to official server. So i really dont see the improvement in succe rate. Maybe they are on TET and pet, but duo and tri, i dont think they are improve

the reason why enhancement rates are low is cause someone made a thread saying its too high after he got his enhancements easily and so they changed it, its a bit unfair really, now we are stuck with low enhance rate after he/she complained T.T

Maybe TET or Pen must be harder,

But Pri, Duo and Tri should be easy. At the point and content, if you don’t have Tri you are a garbage in the game. You can’t explore half of the game .
You can’t enjoy the game. You spent time enchanting and failling. You can’t event go explore Kamasilvia.
In all official BDO, they increase enchance rate for pri duo but here it’s insanely unfair

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