Inventory Slots Lose and unable to move my items

After this patch or restart, it seems that some of the players still remain having full inventory and storage slots but some are not. If this is true then I hope it can be fix while ensuring the excess items blow are able to move if not I think there is no way we can loot anymore.

Please solve it asap and millions of thanks


You can move the locked slots to empty and unlocked slots, you can’t swap though

112/32; 191:32; 104/32; and bugged bag (??67??/73). I don’t have empty slots. The only way free up space is to throw away stuff 1 by 1 cause I can’t sell nor craft cause there is no empty slot. Can’t even buy slot expansion.

I give up, got fed up after throwing 50 items away, moving from locked to unlocked then to bin and when got closer to the bottom of the bag had to scroll while moving 1 stack at time, and still no free slots to do anything better not gonna waste more time on this s*it.

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