downloading new client

I was downloading the game with speed around 1.5~2m that’s reasonable I have a similar connection but then the downloading after 30% went down to 200~500kbs and sometimes even lower I have no idea why. is it ok to close the client and resume the download later? with that speed, I cant guarantee I will be able to download the whole client without closing my laptop. I checked my speed online and I still have the same speed I can download with 2m/s so I cant understand where the issue comes from thanks.

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It is perfectly fine to close the download. It will automatically check the files and continue downloading from where it left off.

The reason why your download speed is slow is that there are sometimes people who do not seed specific area of the download that you need and there are many people who use our download servers so there is not enough traffic to maintain everyone.

Usually this speed gets up normally although, if you can try looking up some google drive links here for 1915 client which will be needing about 8 gb of download for our latest version.


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