The inventory/bank

While i agree that fixing the max inventory bug was a good idea the price of inventory expansions seems abit high if you take into consideration the extra drop wich makes your inventory clutter up with useless crystals and other trashdrop very quickly. Lowering the cost slightly or maybe adding another 15~20 base inventory/bankslots could be a good idea.

Beside that, considering that some functions like Maids and Transport don’t work, i think that is a really big problem now having low inventory space.
Good work to whoever decided to fix it before maids and transport (and, you know, the classes).

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I will suggest to make warehouse space fully available. It’s unfortunate to take away inventory. Since my inventory is full, I cannot collect money from the market place. I literally cannot move and reorganize my inventory anymore. How am I supposed to play if all of my warehouses look like this?:


^ (178/80) Warehouse space

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Yeah after the restart my inventory/banks looked like alot like that, atleast alti and heidel. but luckily i managed to clear them up somewhat but if your banks are maxed out it will be extremely painful to clean them up…

i’d start saving pearls to get inventory space on all warehouses

It would take at least a month to expand my warehouses back to 192 slots. This is extremely tedious and I essentially cannot play the game until then. For example, I cannot collect money or deposit money into a warehouse because of having no slots available. If I farm, I will just become overweight with silver and items. Where will I deposit it? Into my already maxed inventory space. I cannot.

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