[Object] Wagon doesn't move after recon

Description: as title states, Sometimes Wagon doesn’t move after getting left in an area for a time and user have reconnected a number of times.

This already happened a lot of times to me. The most recent one is where I left my wagon in a safe area for like 2-3 hours ago, grind monsters for hours (for knowledge, yet to get, orz). During that grind time, I’ve reconnected once and got disconnected once. Deciding to go back, went back to my wagon and it rode it, and it doesn’t move.

The wagon is still normal in all aspects other than it won’t move. free treadmill for horses?

So far my current solution is to run back to my nearest town and remote collect the wagon

Proof: here, took a vid of it, as you can see, I can still access F5 - F7
Youtube Video

PS: As I stated above, it only happens sometimes but I believe it isn’t supposed to happen.
Well not like everyone will be affected by this but there are those people (including me) who farm up to full wagon + full inventory/weight until can’t move anymore before going back to towns

You have to remote collect it via stables. It’s a known bug at the moment unfortunately.

oh if its known then its good, thanks for the response.

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