Weight Limit Feature

As many of you know already, the pearl inventory is account based, letting you purchase weight on one character and using said weight purchases on another character. This lets you get a large amount of weight on one character, making life easier. @Salvation has posted on bug reports that this is an exploit. If it is an exploit and not intended, I would like to petition that this feature remain in the game, allowing everyone to increase their weight capacity to the desired limit. This helps the server as it would increase pearl donations therefore helping the server stay afloat, as well as making life easier for all players on this server.

A lot of players have increased weight and if this feature were removed, it would negatively impact the server as a whole. The price of 1LT is 2.2 pearls at the cheapest, which takes a lot of time to accumulate. Older players who have been loyal to the server for a long time would be negatively impacted the most. Please consider this petition to keep the weight limit feature in the game.

Thank you.

@qwirkz Good job, taking the first steps into a better, more sound server :raised_hands_tone2:

I do agree that this should be clearly Voiced as an intended feature / selling point. If this were to be announced on the Rates & Features I do believe that the growth of OgreFest would be exponentially beneficial from it.

I completely agree. This should be a feature of the server.
I don’t really see it as game breaking. It just allows players to farm longer than normal.
Since cron stones have been introduced, the server is going into a recession. Keeping the superhuman weight limit in-game would actually help resolve this recession.

totaly agree,since it’s not a game breaking,and everyone would like to have additional “Weight”,also would be great to make it a OgreFest Feature


I was thinking. If we ever kept and made this into a feature, the best way to do this, in my opinion, is to change the weight limit expansion coupons to how the inventory slot expansion coupons are purchasable unlimitedly from the shop (and also editing the descriptions accordingly). So this would get rid of the unnecessary “create an alt > buy expansion coupon > delete alt > use coupon on main” procedure. :thinking:

Totaly agree…
Since this weight limit does not harm the game in any negative way, mainly by the facts already cited above. This does not grant any unfair advantage, but will also help all players equally, since also all players depend on the farm itself to maintain the movement of the marketplace that eventually ended up having a significant reduction, Due to the introduction of the Cron Stones, that is an extensive expense!

Community Manager

It will be considered in the future as we are currently still in progress of updating most of our engine, this should be coming in some upcoming patches.

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