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alright, that actually clear things up. thanks~

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still wondering before i actually got banned lol, does modifying the armor to looks like the following will not be allowed?

i used it when i was playing in japan version and their policy does not say anything about it since the only one who can see it is me


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alright, i will keep that in mind. thanks for the respond~

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it’s a mod that modify the looks of the armor used by player, just an visual aesthetic mod that not changing the gameplay by any way

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hello guys, how you doing? i was wondering if the current ogrefest compatible or even allowed mods? i’ve read the term of use regarding the “client modification” but i’m unsure if that also include visual/cosmetic mod that is not effecting or altering the gameplay of black desert itself. if someone can clear this up for me, that would be wonderful~

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reasons why games crashed:
-vga card not responding (overheat, old, out of date)
-ram or processor is full (multiple running programs, or same as above)
-games not fully updated/downloaded/installed
-antivirus interference

try to check and solve these one by one, hope it help

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for people who tl;dr
can’t click complete in fish to trader quest!

alt text

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ID: 1049/7

hello guys. new here in OgreFest, nice to meet you~

straight to the point:
-went to bahar to sell mackarel in my inventory
-game open up trade windows, sell all of my fish including mackarel to him
-trade successful, no conversation windows pop up. close trade window
-quest bar shows complete, with text colored red just like cleared quest as usual
-talk to him again, he said “Hmm. what a fresh Mackerel it is. Did you catch this by yourself? I can pay you a decent price. How about it? It’s win-win.” just like the database said
-quest reward pops out. it contains: contribution exp 50, paste bait 2, vase (no gold bar 1g)
-click complete button, nothing happen.
-tried quit + re-log, walk around doing other stuff for hours. come back and talk to him again, still nothing happen

i write this in chronological order and as detail as possible, please do reply if have solution.
with regards, thanks

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