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IGN: Vypra
Family: Lynn

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Artist at heart (only traditional though xP)
Music is love, can't game without it :D

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Still undergowing, I’ll update very soon!

Updated again, added nothing new but drastically decreased the size of the thread. Merged a lot of pictures together, got rid of redundant text/pictures.

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Young Red Dragon - ID: 18483

Doesn’t apply the HP buff (+25HP)
2nd tier doesn’t apply it either (+50HP)
I’m sure 3rd or 4th tier doesn’t either.(75/100)

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le bumperoo, no regrets

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First time encountering this bug. The statue didn’t respawn, so Garmoth just stood in place.
You need to kill the statue in order to continue fighting him.
Since it never respawned… he just gets stuck forever. (Stuck until maintenance/never despawns)

Edit: Happened again today, recorded video… hoping it helps.
Youtube Video

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Yes, that is the one.

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Contact Information (Optional) -
Family Name: Lynn
Main Character’s Name: Vypra / Maian
Discord Name: ๓αٱαก ፕєαгร#2923 (Vypra in OF Discord)

Boss Scroll - Gyfin Rhasia

Recent patches has fixed his HP (no longer spawns with 10% HP)
However he can no longer be killed. He falls down at 40% HP and then summons an immortal monster, Gyfin will not be attackable until this monster dies.

Considering this the only way to obtain Urugon Shoes, and it costs nearly 15 days of Loyalties… this bug should be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks!

GIF of the bug: alt text

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