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My inspiration for this artwork is my boyfriend (StrayCats) who invited me to play BDO ogrefest. His character is a sorceress while my character is a ninja (I haven’t awakened yet because I enjoy side quests too much lol). The costumes that I drew are actually our costumes in the game but I didn’t draw the demon mask for my ninja because I’m not fond of it haha.

The area for my artwork is inspired by Heidel’s fishing area (Heidel is my favorite city by the way) One of my favorites (other than taming horses) is fishing.

By the way, I drew black spirit in his chibi-quite form because I like it cute hehe.

Also, my ninja looks having difficulties with fishing because I’m so like that in real life too while my bf’s sorceress looks like enjoying my difficulty (quite teasing) because he’s like that too in real life hahaha.

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