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Much of the text that was in English is now Korean since the latest update. I think the Korean client changed a lot.

Press Y and select the time tab. There you can see what you are going to get. If it is a timed challenge then all you need to do is keep on playing and you will eventually get it.

Of top of my head, I thought this was from a black spirit quest.

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During the Dreighan(?) patch, you were unable to attain knowledge. I unlocked a few islands during that time but got zero knowledge for it. Today I went to the Islands to get them inside the Knowledge Book but though I discovered them and their nodes, they are not in being unlocked when I press H. Same case might be for NPCs.

So far I noticed the error in the following Islands: Arita, Kuit and Padix.

There maybe be other Islands and NPCs but I haven’t noticed (Yet).

My Character is Tameko (Tamer).

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I concur. Onion seem to behave same way as others.

Not the case for other items I tried. I tried fruit, and I only need 2 blue instead of 4 grey. It really should have been one instead of 4 but there we go.

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It fails on other classes underwear also.

Tamer: Rabbit Underwear, Le Vladian

Witch: Leopard Underwear

I am assuming it fails on all underwear but cannot check.

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Since update, when you delete a character it deletes it immediately rather than 24hr delay, which gives you a chance to cancel deletion.

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I was going to add that knowledge also include places and recipes that are no longer being learned.

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There is nothing wrong with the current system. Getting pearls while you level is nice for new players, casual players and afk players. Or if you are like me, prefer the farming and the node building aspect of the game rather than PvE or PvP, then afk pearl drop is perfect.

Also the drop rate for getting a pack of 16 isn’t that bad. Just farm and getting those extra pearls.

The current rate for 4hr afk you get 64 which isn’t much, but better than forcing players to do the same daily quest over and over to get pearls. Repeating quests and mobs is a total bore.

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This is a request but I can understand if it is rejected. It was my stupid mistake.

I did not realise that the “[Event] Karlestin Classic Box” that I kept on getting was for the account and thought it was for the character. I think they came with the “[Event] New Adventurer Gift Pack #” rewards.

I deleted all of them except one and then I realised my mistake. Lucky for me, I didn’t make that big of a mess with the free Lahr set. For the Lahr, I think I just destroyed one and had left one duplicate on my main and the rest have not been opened and stored in storage.

Is it possible to give me a few free ones for my other characters that I created and will create. If yes, then sent them to FarmerJane.

No matter the reply, thank you for the great server.

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Quests texts seems to be displayed in one go without “continue” button. This is an issue when getting or handing in quests.

See image below to understand what I mean.

Link to Image

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The free Venia Riding costume you get, you are unable to open.

ID: 21060
[Event] Venia Riding Attire Box (7 Days)

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