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I do put the Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) many in my storage and it disapear. The value of storage go up and not the inventory used. And no way to found that in my Altinova storage. I lose more than 50+ concentrated stone like that.

alt text

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No trading, the economics system of BDO is best so far

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Same things for wizard

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i think they should inform new players, i saw max inventory and max storage given by VP, in my mind, WOw great server, dont need to use pearl for that, i can grind efficient.

AND now, my opinion is like: CRAP , only if i knew, i would have invest most of my pearl to extand.

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Dont’ have enough pearl, i was pearl on many things because i didnt know that GM will remove slot given by VP

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I know this method but i have too much items to do that and not many inventory slot .
i have 3 cities with more than 160+ items, it almost impossible to do that

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Hey GM and everyone,

I’ve been playing for 3 weeks around, i didnt that having 192 slot from VP was an exploit. I just play and use like it was one of the good feature the server gave us.
But since this afternoon, i switch character to move some stuff and check my storage and i was at 180/36.
I tried to pick some item from the storage, it worked. But i try now to sell some trash to empty a little bit my storage and i cant.
I made a short video to show you that. been using my storage for 192 and keep tons of materials. NOW it impossible to manage my storage with so low inventory since i can’t selll trash or things i dont want to empty them.

So now i’m screwed, really don’t know what to do in this game since i can’t make any transaction

Family name: MrXimus
Character: LordXimus

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