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PEN Kutum 31 AP = DUo ogre(20ap) + DUO cresecnt (11ap)
tested at 195AP

no kutum 195ap:

kutum equipped 195ap:

For comparison 138 ap:

The second and third picture show a difference that should be 119AP but looks surprisingly small.

PS: tested till i hit with 0 crits for all

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I tried to test it as accurrately as possible (without changing my shown AP) and didnt notice any dmg difference.


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Damn, thanks man

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-i was stupid- deleted

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Thats why i was suggesting adding the impure version to world bosses or maybe as rare loot overall.

Increasing powder drop would also work.

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I was mistaken, marketplace applies 35% tax IMEDIATLY but gives you more money when recieveing the item with value pack.

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Afaik the marketplace tax should be applied upon taking out the item.
here we already got the 35% removed BEFORE we receive the item.

Maybe someone can proof this since i dont have retail anymore or i will find a suiting video that will proof it.

VP doenst change tax amount

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No, the client is KR and the files are 100% different
Just download it through the OF client

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i mean, on retail youd pay 1000+ stones

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