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I was in the desert and died to a sunstroke, however after death the effect of sunstroke is still in effect that means I am damage by ~70 damage each time it has to do damage, however there is no debuff icon shown and purified water doesn’t help to fix this problem.

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Hello, today I have collected Asula accessoaries set (5 pieces) and I see that the set effect isn’t there. For 3 pieces it should give +300hp and for 5 pieces +20 accuracy, however it only applies individual stats of every piece but not a whole set effect.

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Even if that is true, I have one in my residence :D But I guess it’s only visual

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Hello, I have one maid in my residence, however I am not able to use her as there is no maid button near other buttons such as horse’s, worker’s, pet’s and so on. I hope this can be fixed soon as maids are a very important part of grinding.

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