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Family name: Tatsujin
Item ID: 17080

Can confirm - this item’s ‘Energy Recovery +2’ effect not working

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Famili name: Tatsujin
Location ID: 175 (Coastal Cave)

No resource nodes (should be iron and copper nodes). I think this is related to knowledge acquired from npcs by spending energy - this bug has been around for a while: npc seems to give the knowledge but takes no energy. Since Coastal Cave is unlocked by this kind of knowledge i believe the nodes are missing because the game didn’t register me acquiring the appropriate knowledge.

Just confirmed - i can’t find Coastal Cave in my knowledge, but the node manager won’t give me the option to learn it in exchange for energy.

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Unfortunately @jerycho007 in my country (Poland) electricity is very expensive so i can’t adapt your mindset. But i guess for normal countries this really wouldn’t be any issue… now i want to emigrate…

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A valid point @Extraneis, but the afk mechanics wouldn’t change and they themselves would be still the incentive to stay online. Also the workers will still stop after running out of stamina so players still need to manage them. My primary intention was to even out benefits from workers mechanics between active and casual players - active players get maximum benefits from workers while casual players get nothing because their online time is significantly shorter. This profits disparity only gets worse with @Lipuchka suggestion.
Not to mention that being forced to leave a game and your computer on for extended periods of time despite not playing the game at all is completely idiotic (but that is a completely different mater).

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@GM_Vermillion fantastic news and thank you for such a fast replay!

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The most epic feature for this server (any BDO server actually) would be one that allows workers to continue working even if the player is offline. I get that farms working when player is offline would be pointless and harmful, but the fact that workers are limited not only by their stamina but also by the player being offline is beyond stupid. All it would really require is a functionality that calculates the amount of work done in the period of time since last login - the formula would be the same as the one that works while the player is online. This would run if player is logging in, not while switching characters and if for example last login was more than 30 minutes ago. Stamina limits would still apply.
Example: Set up a worker to gather potatoes. Log out. I login after a day of not playing. The new functionality kicks in:

  • X potatoes are placed in my storage
  • worker has 0 stamina and is resting
    Large amount of workers would propose problems of course. Maybe a background script would be better, but i hope you get the idea.
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Obviously a missing functionality. On retail it takes couple of minutes for such resource to respown. Hopefully this will be added soon because it makes gathering larger amounts of resources rather difficult and lifeskills are what really make me play this game.

Again thank you @Extraneis for the explanation.

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I wonder what everybody means by “visual bug”. To me that would mean that a visual is missing / distorted. In this case though something isn’t working correctly and the body isn’t removed. I’m no game programmer (a programmer though and a curious one) but it seems to me that the communication between server and client lacs some data witch causes this kind of “no status refresh” bugs. I observed similar problems with for example the life skills levels indicators in character panel ( P key ) - they do not refresh when experience is gained but can be updated by reopening the panel. This most likely means that the functionality that refreshes this indicators works correctly when its called on opening the window but isn’t called at all when exp level changes… Well I’m sure this is considered a minor bug (and it is) but this kind of little annoyances / imperfections really chip away at the game experience and at how people might see the server quality. Devs are doing epic job and kudos for that to them. I just think that they should focus more on quality control before adding new content / functionality - otherwise such tiny neglects will backfire one day.

Not forgetting the great explanation by @Extraneis - thank you very much.

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Notifications that appear near the left top corner of the screen - about skills available, knowledge obtained - don’t show up for characters as second or later. My main character always sees every notifications, but other characters need a relog to refresh the icons. Sorry for the vogue explanation but it always happens for newly created characters until first relog and after that it sometimes comes back and can be again fixed by switching characters or reloging.

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