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These skills doesn’t deal any damage anymore
[Absolute: lighting] + [Absolute: Residual lighting] and
[Absolute: Fireball] + [Absolute: Fireball explosion]

Haven’t played in a while, about a week or two, so I can’t say - when exactly this problem appeared. Before they damaged perefctly, but now even regular hits with LMB deal more damage. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s a bug, maybe there’s aleady been post about it, but I am too blind to find it in this forum category

I also added a little video, so you can see what exactly I mean:
Youtube Video

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Hey, I can not stand it any longer and I, like a drug addict, want a new dose of donating :worried:
When you’ll fix the donation service and is it being fixed at all?

So I can donate and buy a couple of sets of lingerie for my witch finally? Lady should have at least 5 sets of lingerie and at least 2 of them must be with stockings. It is too much waiting with free pearls to get all this set alt text

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Ok, I don’t know what you guys, GMs, did, but I am able to connect now
I think, problem is solved…?

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Tried all these 3 options before reinstalling the game (all 3 just to be sure :laughing: )
I’ll try again right now - delete cash and immediately repair

Seems it didn’t help. But it was good to try your suggested method

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Everything was OK after yesterday’s (26.03.18) restart, caused by bosses without loot. Today there suddently appeared this problem :frowning: reloging a million times did ot help

I cannot log on my main character. I deleted UserCache folder, txt file in documents, repaired the client, reloged a million times, but it did not help. Today I completely reinstalled the game, did all things, which I described above, but I still have this problem:

Selecting server -> selecting main character -> getting stuck in character selection screen, although I can hear ingame little “jing” sounds, which makes me think, that my character is loaded in game, but client shows me only broken character selection screen.


I can freely log in by my alts and freely play, but as soon as I try to connect with my main - I immediately get broken character selection screen. If I wait long enough, it says “Now processing”, screen becomes black and then again - broken charactwr selection screen.

What I missed? What I should do to fix this? :(

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