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I’m having a worker, well, work, at the Bartali Farm for some Chicken meat. It completed its work but I got no chicken meat or anything.

Proof: You can see here my Velia warehouse, where the chicken should be, and the Chatbox that says my Worker completed its work. I tried emptying the warehouse to see if it was hidden but no such luck.

EDIT: I also invested in the Potato node from bartali farm, same thing, I get no potatoes. I don’t know if no Nodes work or just all production from Bartali.

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Firt of all, thanks for all your hard work :)

Second, you said:

@TheObserver said in Patch 1.7 - Market and Quest.:

  • Improved horse taming by using the new rng system.

I’m sorry but I can’t seem to tame anything, the wild horses still aren’t afraid and you can’t throw a rope at them :(

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Item ID: 42001
Description: When I summon Giath, it does not attack or move and when I try to kill it nothing happens, i’m not damaging it one bit. No damages appear on the screen, as they do with other monsters. And after a while the quest tells me that I don’t have a summon scroll and should forfeit the quest and accept it again to get a new scroll…

Proof: I’m sorry I don’t know how to make a video and a screenshot would not really prove that it’s not moving since a picture’s not moving either

EDIT: Third time around it moved and I was able to kill it, but it did no damage to me at all so that’s still weird. Sorry for the inconvenience though.

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I tried to hire a Worker in Velia, and four times got only the option to get th naive giant worker (which might just be extremely bad luck). So I went instead to the Worker’s Exchange, thinking I could buy one instead. But every time i try to purchase one, the game says “The time allowed for purchasing at the Worker Exchange has been exceeded”, i’m not sure what that means but I still don’t have a decend worker anyway :(

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I was wondering if this had been indeed fixed? The Patch Notes 1.6 seem to suggest so but I for one am still having the same issue, horses are not afraid and can’t be “lassoed” (though I managed it one but the horse never wrestled and when i got close I could not ride it). And when you come near one it seems you can ride it but if you try you get the “Not a tame Horse” info.

Thank you :)

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Description: I’m not sure taht any particular item is at fault so i’m not putting in a ID. I Have a Plain Fence (7 crops) and when I want to see my Crops information there is no timer saying when they will be ready, which there should be. Also, they seem to all grow as the same speed, which they should not. On the official server, growing a carrot seed takes something like 4 hours, but a Whithered Wheat Seed takes only 40 minutes.


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I don’t know if I’m the only one, since the purpose of this server is to allow those who can’t play on the official server to play anyway, but I actually have played on the official, quite a long time.
Now obviously this server has advantages dear to my heart, not the least of which the free pearls, but I’m having a hard time pushing myself to start again from scratch my character.
So I was wondering if it would be possible to sort of “transfer” some of what I have on the official server on this one, like my Life skills or my gear, my horse… my contribution points? Knowledge seems a bit hard to do, but I’d love it too since I’d have much more Energy than I do now.
Could attract more new players too if it becomes costumary, don’t you think?

Obviously I’d understand if you said “no”. Just thought i’d put it out there :)

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I’m not sure that’d help, official client is a higher version than this server’s, so when I set off the OgreFest launcher on my retail client yesterday it took a while to redownload a lot of things to downgrade it. Like 2hours and I download stuff around 7 to 15 Mb/s

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Hello everyone,

I’d very much like to play with you guys but it seems my computer doesn’t agree.
I usually play on the official server, so I made a copy of the client to use for OgreFest. I then installed your launcher, and directed it to the copied folder. It said, as expected, that it had detected the client but needed to downgrade it. So far, so good.
It seems it downgraded all right, but then it started “checking files”, and when it reaches 100% i get a “OgreFest Launcher has stopped working” type of error. It’s been three times already.

Any ideas on why this is, and how to fix it?
Thanks :)

EDIT: Looks like fifth time’s the charm. Fixed itself :)

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