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The server is stable enough, there are a lot of bugs still, but it’s generally playable.
The population is roughly around 100-200, can’t give an accurate number.
And finally it’s one of the resons OgreFest exists in the first place I guess, to make BDO not P2W. Although you can donate for which you will gain pearls, however you can gain them by meely being online so donation is mainly to support the server.

One more thing, we are pretty far behind NA/EU retail, but there’s a BIG update coming so stay tuned!

Also check out the Rates and features.

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Your resolution might got bugged. Happened to me once or twice. Try fiddling around with changing full-screen/windowed, and the resolution.

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@phantominmist said in EXP scrolls should be obtainable through pearlshop:

yes grinding in this game is killing most of the fun of it… thats why I have been off for months and didnt come back :(

If you can’t endure the grinding, MMOs aren’t for you.

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That feature only meant to be used for transfering potions and food, not anything else.

Also, if OgreFest higher ups decided, for whatever reason, to enable player-to-player transaction, it would require to rewrite a shitton of mechanics of the game, it’s not just a simple flip of a switch. And it would introduce a shitton of bugs as well, unnecessarily so, as the devs would also need to change how the gear system, among many other things, works.

Armor and weapons would need to be made character bound and player level restricted items, players would abuse the new trading system, the chats would be littered with WTT/WTS spam, RMT would prosper, people would be passing all their gear to a new account if they thought they might get banned, so on and so forth.

It would be a hell of a lot of work for minuscule to no gain at all.

In short:
alt text

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It seems you fail to realize that you are not supposed to transfer weapons and armor to another player, that is not how this game works. You either grind for the gear you need yourself, or buy/bid on them on the Marketplace. End of story.
The MP is meant for selling the stuff you don’t need/for earning money, not for trading gear with your friends.
Not saying it’s impossible to do, but it’s hell of a gamble with highly sought after items. Even more so on the retail servers.
And it literally cannot be considered stealing when you get something in return…

There is a slight possibility that our devs might consider implementing some kind of personal trading in the far future, but that’s highly doubtful.
So the best option here is to just suck it up and get used to the features the game has to offer.

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Not sure what page you’re referring to, but Mystic won’t appear for as long as it’s not implemented. But that’s going to change hopefully sooner than later. :ok_hand_tone5:
Also, since the class is not even implemented yet it is impossible for bugs to occur with it, therefore the topic has been moved from Bug Reports / Character Classes.

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It doesn’t. Yet. But hopefully that will change sooner or later. :ok_hand_tone5:


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Wait for a server restart, that should fix it.

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Of course it’s possible. If you have a preset from retail, simply load it here. Done.

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