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I was thinking. If we ever kept and made this into a feature, the best way to do this, in my opinion, is to change the weight limit expansion coupons to how the inventory slot expansion coupons are purchasable unlimitedly from the shop (and also editing the descriptions accordingly). So this would get rid of the unnecessary “create an alt > buy expansion coupon > delete alt > use coupon on main” procedure. :thinking:

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Good Day Community of OgreFest!

Todays maintenance updates the server to the latest version from Korea.
The main focus of this update is to release Drieghan and to update translations. Future patches/hotfixes will also be posted in this topic as they come.
Please refer to the following for the details of the update.

The estimated size of the update is 7 GB.


● The Game Client has been updated to version 2084.
● Updated the Geometry to version 2084.
● Translations have been updated to latest version of the clients.
● Implemented Portuguese translation.
● Implemented support for Korean translations.
● Implemented language selector, so now it is possible to change the preferred language of the client without downloading the language pack by other means.
※ It is required however, to change the line with “Language=” in lang.dat located in the ads folder within the root directory of the game. It must be changed from the current value (for example EN) to one of the available values listed below in order for it to work:
Choosable language values:
EN (English);
DE (German);
FR (French);
PT (Portuguese);
RU (Russian);
TW (Taiwanese);
KR (Korean)
● The region of “Drieghan” has been unlocked. ~Go explore a new and brave world!
※ Monsters and their respective item drops, including Valencia content, will be developed over the course of the next few weeks.
● Added translation for “Quest Objective” displayed above related NPC’s of ongoing quests.


● Download speed for users of high speed ISP’s has been improved.

【All Classes】

● Fixed target ignore resistance statistics.
● Implemented an experimental change to prevent desynchronization during Crowd Control states.


● Implemented all Drieghan spawns.


● Fixed a bug which would allow players to complete a quest when the time for it has been expired.
● Fixed a bug which would make players unable to complete a guild quest even if the conditions were met.
● Fixed a bug which would occasionally cause some of the guilds to not save some information (such as Guild Emblem).
● Fixed a bug which would cause the server to read Guild Emblems incorrectly.


● Implemented Duvencrune storage.
● Fixed some of the craftable workshop items in Kamasylvia.
● Fixed a bug which would allow players to send workers to a node that was not invested in.
● Implemented the new maid system from KR.


● Fixed a bug which would allow players to be able to gain 100% resistance.


● Updated Pet fusion data. In consequence, some of the pets that would disappear after Exchanging, should not anymore.
※ Furthermore, a rework is also in the works for this system, as there was in KR.


● Fixed a bug which was occasionally causing player characters to teleport to Olvia when the server failed to identify their location in the world.
● Fixed a bug which was causing player characters to teleport much further away than expected or intended when a Revive or an Escape was performed to get back to the nearest Node.
● Improved the anti-cheat protection system to prevent false positives, while also making it more powerful.
※ During the time we are working on and getting closer to releasing Guild Wars, it is imperative we ensure that people with ill intensions using 3rd parties to gain an unfair advantage (cheaters) do not go rampant. The previous version of our anti-cheat allowed us to detect and suspend over 60 accounts which have attempted to perform ill intended actions.
※ On Saturday, a new anti-cheat protection has been rolled out which is far more powerful than its predecessor, and leaves even less ways for cheaters to gain an unfair advantage over other players on our server.
※ The improved anti-cheat system will become fully activated today at the end of the maintenance. If you experience any issues after the fact, such as the game do not start, please let us know immediately on our Discord server.

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Everyone gets the same error. Just keep calm and wait for a fix.

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You can actually edit that config file and replace the email address with the one you want to log in with.
File should be in: C:\Users\*User Name*\AppData\Local\OgreFestBDO\CrimsonDesertLauncher.exe_Url_eo1wrl1cj0sija2eojihsxxrjr2acsnb\

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@raymond_ said in [donation] pearls not enough:

what’s the point ?

The point is to support the server.

we want to give you money, give us what we want

That sounds a bit contradictory. :thinking:

We are running a donation system not some kind of online shop. You should donate not because you want to get stuff in return for your money, which even if you do is just a means of appreciation from our part, but because you want to support the server.
Donation is something akin to gifting. Only thing you should expect to get in return for your money is a better and more polished service, anything other than that (e.g. pearls) is just a bonus. We don’t want to get P2W here.

But these are just my thoughts anyway, it’s not my place to decide how many pearls you get for how much of your hard earned money. Just hoping we can find some kind of middle ground where even if not everyone, but most will be happy. :smiley:

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Workers stopping work when you go offline or change characters is a feature of the game.
And transport is not bugged, is just an unimplemented feature.

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Imperial trading is not implemented yet.

You can check the Development Status Summary although some info might be a bit dated.
There is also the Bug Reports sub-category.

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A small patch has been pushed to fix the XignCode issue.

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@joao962011 Please provide more information.

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Did it for you this time.
Also you can provide screenshots as proof too, not just videos.

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It indeed seems so that the buff does not increase energy recovery by +2. :thinking:

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TITLE: [Type]* Name of the item that is bugged**



Item ID: 0000 ***
Description: Please be as descriptive as humanly possible, and provide every information you have on the bug at hand.
Proof: Video(s), Screenshot(s), etc.

Contact Information (Optional) -
Family Name: Doe
Main Character’s Name: John
Discord Name: John#0000

* The type can be, but not limited to: [NPC], [Quest], [Skill], etc. If applicable.
** Such as the name of the bugged NPC, Quest, Skill, etc.
*** You can get any ID by performing a search on the related item (search its name) believed to be bugged in the Black Desert Database. If applicable.

Topics which do not describe the problem (for example: This quest is bugged) will be deleted without prior notice to you.

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I’ve tested Norhtern Heidel Quarry on retail, on a fresh character and a pretty fresh account a few weeks ago. Sub-nodes showed up right away.

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Thank you for the report. It will be looked into.

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First of all, this seems to be 2 different bug reports in one post. Please make a bug report for every bug you find separately.
Second of all, if an NPC is missing, first try to go away around 100-150 meters from the NPC in question, or just relog by exiting out into the Character Selection screen then entering your character again.
Third of all, please try to follow the template on how to submit a bug report.
Fourth of all, delivery type quests are all bugged.

Closing topic.

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