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The Karanda latent aura quest and Kzarka latent aura quests do not exist for me. I have done all the relevant quests and tried on multiple characters. I have also gained amity with the people who give boss knowledge.
I have not done these quests even once.

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Omar Lava cave node does not have subnodes on my account. I know others have them. Have tried various solutions(cache, reinstall, even reinstall windows)
I think it is the account itself that is bugged, similar to my stables, which is on my account only AFAIK.

Alyssa Seductryss

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My stables works fine otherwise but it wont allow me to reset breeding and deaths. I have the necessary items and so on. I know it doesn’t work on just my account - I have thoroughly tested it. Before the update it didn’t work either but i could sell the horses to my guildmates and gift them the reset items and let them do it and sell it back to me but now horses are taxed and after cron enable nobody has money.
I have tried different characters, stables and so on.

Alyssa Seductryss

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horse death resetting does not work on my account only. Tried every possible method of resetting deaths, nothing has worked, even reinstalled windows, redownloaded client.

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