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May you explain or detail please ? :)

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We can’t success this quest [Co-op] Proof of Courage. I did and no mobs appear a, i gave up … HELP fixe this pls

here ID: 6000/33 :

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@Eerye What about % XP in party ? The guy who killed mob gain 100% and mates gain 50% ? or it’s 50% for each players in party ?

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There is big problem ! Since the last patch with “per good hit” the skill dosnt works properly ! Are you sure its fixed ???
ID: 1785
Please fix this

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That why i suggets to force player if he loose to respawn ONLY at CITY. Because actually PK it’s so boring cause the guy who loose DO NOT WORRY ! Guys be clever, and ppl are not evil like this ! What the hell, you never played at official xD…

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You never play on the official.

1: You can not lose a level.
2: I suggest to find an interest in PK. Because the “victims” who make the malice of who take the mobs do not return in loop because they know that they lose nothing.

On the official, if you do not have the level to defend yourself, you do not do the trick.

On this system, for example, you can kill a guy because he spoke badly or took your monsters. He will come back and the PK is wasting time!

So yes, either you withdraw a% xp or force the respawn person into CITY

Wake up you are on BDO, it’s a PVP game, if you’re afraid of losing XP, go lvl up and stay at 0%

Comon Guys be clever ! Stop crying cause people killed you and because you loose XP ! OMG this rule will apply for you as for me ! What the hell baby you are…

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So admins, what do you think ? May you listen to your community ?

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No if some one annoying you, you have to kill him, that simple ! It’s BDO not pokemon. So guys move your body and stop cry because ppl killed you.

OgreF, you have to make something in order to deter ppl annoying some one ! And make and good intention be killed by PK !

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