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Well I got all the necessary skills and I can’t choose the enhanced skill.
I got by default the Ranger skills, Squall Shot(ID: 2737) and Fury Arrow(ID: 2819)

@Lahn or do you mean we can’t choose them after learning the absolute skill?

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so the Energy Potions you can buy with your energy from Alustin in Velia don’t restore any energy.
586 Energy Potion (Small)
587 Energy Potion (Medium)
588 Energy Potion (Large)
589 Energy Potion (Extra Large)

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so the mobs in the Gyfin Rhasia Temple should share the loot for up to 5 players, but only the party leader get once loot. Also the Exp they give is way too low.

Node-ID: 1626 Gyfin Rhasia Temple
21651 Gyfin Rhasia Guard
21652 Gyfin Rhasia Decimator
21653 Gyfin Rhasia Flamen
21654 Gyfin Rhasia Crusher
25102 Gyfin Rhasia Statue of Earth
24313 Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Carnage
24314 Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion

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  1. Yes this help newcomers
  2. The current PvP is basicly flaging, beside the rare fights for spots, the only PvP is at worldbosses which died with this change.
  3. I just mind when Im afk.
  4. Yes you get more FS on the gear you want to get high. Before you could stack the enemys tears, now you can just stack your own…
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@dziku Nearly all parts of this game are made so your character need to stay online, this is part of the korean internet cafe policy. So when workers also work while offline it wouldnt make any difference for all the players which use the afk mechanics like horsetraining, fishing, processing, strenght/breath training and sure the pearls. Basicly it would just make it worse, because the only thing you get is the reward from the specific afk mechanic, workers work anyway.

@Lipuchka When they would add a auto-feed system for workers, Human/Giant workers get obsolete, because everyone would use Goblins for the working speed.

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We get them already way too easy, Sharps from heating Witch’s Earring, Hards from Scarla Necklace and additional we get tons from world bosses.

So maybe more like this?
Add Hard/Sharp Black Crystal Shards to the droptable of all mobs and sure scale it on the strength of those, but also disable the drop from world bosses or nerf it hard.

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The respawn time of trees, plant and any typ of stones is either >24 hours or they never respawn.
But they are fully spawned after a server restart which happens every 24 hours.

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They disappear when you went out of the render distance, so around 150 units away. Looks like a visual bug.

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its 1= 100%, 2-5 = 50%

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