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They are aware of Accuracy and Evasion not working. Pretty sure they know DP and PvP in general still needs to be worked on as well… Classes need some balancing too.

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That looks pretty different from your side :P Im swinging at nothing on your screen but on mine im hitting you lol.
Anyway yeah im not sure what youre trying to show them with this video, the fights between us are pretty close.
My stats in this video are 234 ap / 285 dp

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Yes… Enchantment was changed and became harder, it would be fine if we had all the resources available for enchanting… but sadly we are limited on resources, thus making this server currently harder to play than retail.

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The funny thing about it tho, I used to get a lot more drops before the adjustment, and before nodes worked.
So now even with Lv. 10 nodes, I find way less items than before. I know it’s not simply “rng” because it’s consistent what i average an hour now vs what i averaged an hour before.

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Ive been saying this since it changed since i noticed a huge decrease in drops. The only answer you’re going to get is “rng is rng”

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It was changed when the EN and BR servers merged because someone else had the same name. You were given a free name change coupon to change it again. It should be in your pearl inventory.

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Just afk over night and stuff

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Evasion never worked to my knowledge… Accuracy was turned off again
I agree tho, feels like DP does not work. Low AP players cause way too much damage.

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