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I dont know if anything changed, but like months back npc movement was forbiden because they were sinking into the ground, Therefor any quest where npc should follow you is imposible to finish.

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Premium character is ONLY for arena. Because you also can buy the special arena gear. You cant go out of there.

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The issue is that I played retail such long time ago, and i dont know in which way it differs from the korean version

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On many last updates we got plenty of changes to the grinding aspect of the game. We got the partial trading working, which is great, but I feel like lifeskillers are punished so much with the high rates droprate in grinding, that it doesnt feel that rewarding or profitable.

I would like to suggest higher rate for shards from gathering, I gather a lot, but im not blessed my rng and i end up with one shard per 200 energy.

Trying to get logs or stone is also very slow, from one tree i get one or two logs, same goes for stone. So I am asking if you could consider raising the base amount of the items we can colect. I am not unhappy with the amount of the rare resources we get, but the basick stuff are just too low. There are people complaining about empty market place, that there are almost no life tools, but who would sell those for such funny prices when getting recourses for it takes so long.

I would also like to mention one bug since im talking about gathering. When you are artisan gatherer or farmer, the energy should not go down after every gathering act. Or idk how it is on korean client, but year ago on retail when i played, i used one energy on about 3 gatherings.

I also want to do a little reminder or the different crops qualities and that they are still not working and we would really love if they could get a fix.

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Could we get any respond on this idea or any other idea which would allow us to get pearls differently than now? I think the pearls for some quests or for killing certain amount of mobs would give us more motivation to do things in the game. Sometimes i feel like the server is slowly dying, with ocasional spikes of new people comming. But there are not much interesting things that would make new player more interested in staying.

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This mainly happens with mobs that cancel the spell and knock back or knockdown. The critical issue is with fighting bheg, kutum, garmoth. The stuck in animation of spell or the animation of knock back can warry from like few second to 30 sec, in that moment you cant do anything, just wait till the boss kills you >.< .
I think it affect more skills, but since i usualy use just 3 or 4 at the boss fight i cant say for sure. The skill i experience it with the most :Fissure wave, Detonative blow.

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Not only the summons attack other players , but also the player it self. My own summon killed me. This is very big issue since it forces the wiy/witch play without the summons or really remember to put them out when it comes to boss fights.

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I opened Muskan reward bundles, and out of 40 i got 2 diamonds and 7 rough diamonds. These two are not suppose to drop.
Is it posible it got mixed up with the shoes or the necklace that we used to get from them?

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Quest ID: 2100/174

In quest I am supposed to hand the Quality Silk Honey Grass to Freharau, but he doesnt want to take it .
(The other part of giving dry mane grass to Deborah worked well)

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No one has unlimited weight… I think some people might be around 10k… Me personally slightly under 4k. The number of pearls i had to put into it wasnt small, It all come to where you want to invest. It probably favors the old players, but isnt that in every game?

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