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Hello, Susa92

Unfortunately, We cannot have anything translated that NA/EU does not have translated. This means when NA/EU has the translations for quests, new menu options etc we can include them.

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Hello, Tkmisere,

Kicking has been “disabled” until we can get it to work properly.

I agree with the legendary beast power Super Armour not working sometimes, May be due to latency or some underlying issues.

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@hisoka12 Join us on discord for the solutions to any problems regarding the update

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The best option for you is to wait until March 2nd when the game will be open to players after the update. There is no way to stop the repairing safely.

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@morgoth777 The update will be around 27-28 GB.

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@goldwing It will be Obsolete the second the Update is started.

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@yohiko123 No, The download is not currently available.

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