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@ikaruga said in Difference between client downloads?:

If you are referring to the download page with “Client Download” and “Mirror Download” there is none, just pick one. A mirror download is supposed to be same files but hosted somewhere else, it’s just to reduce bandwidth costs usually or split the charge.


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The myth that “marketplace bots” are the ones taking your items before you are able to buy them off the marketplace is incorrect.

I understand your frustration about RNG, she is a cruel mistress after all, but the reason as to why you are sometimes not able to get items from the marketplace depend on several things.

Latency plays a big part in buying things from the marketplace, if you and another person clicks “Buy” at the same time, the person with the lowest latency will more often than not be the person to get the item.

However, RNG also plays a big factor in buying things from the marketplace, as weird as it may sound. That’s simply how Black Desert Online works.

More ways to acquire boss gear will soon be available, from options such as Night Vendor etc.

However I will look over the current drop rates for Muskan’s Boots and see if I notice anything out of the ordinary.

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We require more information than this to investigate what you have reported.

What’s wrong with them?
A video is always preferred, but a decent description can work just as well.

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Hooking stuff into BDO in general is not a smooth experience, and with Ogre Warden on top of that, you really want to avoid hooking into the game where possible as it may trigger false positives alongside the crashes.

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@czepixter said in character creation problem:

Also send screenshot of ur name so we can better tell whats the problem

As @Czepixter says, could you list the names you have attempted to use?

Possibly the name is already in use and thus preventing you from using it, even though the error message may say otherwise.

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Hi there Adam!

Could you test using another name? This issue could simply be due to the name you are looking for already being in use by another player.

Please let me know if your issue still occurs after this.

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Ensure that the OgreFest launcher has not been blocked by either your firewall or by an anti-virus program. If this is not the case, try connecting under a VPN and see if this issue has been resolved.

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Can you list the following:

Family name:
Character name:

Thank you!

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Noted and forwarded to the developers.

Should be fixed next patch.

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