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Can you un-equip and re-equip your armor set?
Usually this solves the issue that you are facing.

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Hi, this is not a bug but rather an intended feature that also exists in the official version.
If you use a temporary color palette while painting, all colors will revert after its expiration.

You can get your colors back by either buying a new Merv’s Palette or by purchasing a Value Package which contains a Merv’s Palette inside. If you want to keep your coloring permanently you’d need to apply separate permanent dyes.

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We are still uncertain as to what could trigger this issue, we require more data so we can pinpoint the cause of it.

It would be a huge help if everyone who encounters this issue could post in this thread their family name alongside which node is missing sub-nodes. Thanks to those of you who have already done this as well.

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Thank you for the report, we’ll look into this issue.

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Although it might seem like it at the first glance, this issue has not been forgotten.

This issue and issues similar to this one are caused by invalid/outdated geodata, which we are in the process of updating. However this is a huge task which is why we are aiming to have it released alongside the new core. That said, it’s not impossible that it will be released before then, just that it is improbable.

Had this issue been a simple fix only affecting the Centaurs this would have been fixed day one. Unfortunately this is a core component affecting all player, npc and monster collision and navigation. Which is why we need to tread carefully while dealing with these issues.

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Welcome to OgreFest!

Please take a look at our server information page as it contains the information that you are looking for.

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We are actively reading the forum threads and posts for feedback, suggestions and more.

Unfortunately we do not always have the time to reply on a thread due to the fast-paced work environment that running OgreFest is. This however does not mean that we do not read the contents of said thread, we highly value community input when deciding which feature to work on next or which issues to prioritize fixing.

Thank you for showing an interest in OgreFest, all feedback and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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This issue should be resolved next patch, pardon the inconvenience.

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Issue has been noted and is being looked into.

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