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EU/NA Black Desert Online run on the so called “Optimized Client” in which the size has been roughly cut in half. While OgreFest runs on the old client (50GB).

Due to this it is unlikely that you’ll be able to simply downgrade your installation through the launcher.
If you’re low on disk space I recommend you to uninstall your official copy of EU/NA prior to installing OgreFest.

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Unfortunately we are not able to do anything to help you reduce your latency from our side as it is entirely dependent on where you live and how reliable your internet connection is.

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We are actively reading the forum threads and posts for feedback, suggestions and more.

Unfortunately we do not always have the time to reply on a thread due to the fast-paced work environment that running OgreFest is. This however does not mean that we do not read the contents of said thread, we highly value community input when deciding which feature to work on next or which issues to prioritize fixing.

Thank you for showing an interest in OgreFest, all feedback and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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@kidopitz27 said in The way to gain Knowledge for Serendia Wolf:

My energy is already at 435+ a long time ago and all i can tell you is that the dev of this p.server doesn’t care about those knowledge hunters there’s a lot of missing mobs and some quest that give knowledge you can’t even accept.

I think before Ogrefest changed management i list all the missing mobs and quest that doesn’t work on the old forums or something.

The Serendia Bear actually spawn but it only spawn one and sometimes it clips thru the terrain that’s why you can’t even see it.

All issues submitted are noted and will be fixed in due time. Considering that we do not have a huge workforce we have to prioritize which issues to fix first and which to leave for later.

While I agree that having all knowledge obtainable is an important game feature, there are currently more pressing matters to attend to.

Rest assured that we are actively reading and taking input from bug reports and suggestions, all I can ask is for you to have patience until these issues have been resolved.

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