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Bheg is still bugged, he gets locked on animation and can hit you in near infinite range. He ignores any type of block, and if he locks aggro on a player he won’t unlock even after the player dies. Also, if you are at a distance to try to avoid his hits, his animation doesn’t refresh (meaning you see him infinitely whipping) until you get up close. Furthermore, several times he just didn’t drop any loot. Is there any update on the current situation?

This bug prohibits especially new players from getting boss gear.

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Make sure you have enough silver in your inventory for the breeding to occur.

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Appearance change coupon and Premium appearance change coupon work. Furthermore skill change coupon, single skill train coupon, breeding reset coupons work as well.

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Witch/Wizard summons (especially golems) automatically flag once they land a hit. A temporary solution to avoid random flagging is to lock the summons on the skill tree and consequently not use summons at all.

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ID: 14320
This is equippable after reaching Training level Skilled 10.
I tested it while training a few horses and Mount EXP +15% doesn’t apply. Note that Venia Riding Attire works and gives Mount EXP +20%. I haven’t used a tailoring coupon to check if it magically works if it is equipped on an outfit slot, but I assume it doesn’t.

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Bump. Is this going to be fixed any time soon? Bheg can hit you even when he isn’t visible on the minimap.

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Rulupee’s flag can’t be placed at Night Crow Post, as no interaction shows up. Furthermore, the reward chests provided do not open.

Bugged flag:


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So if you go in the exact location shown in the screenshots here you dont get anything?

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That must have been it, I had selected the silver to be taken out from the storage and it didn’t work. Thanks!

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I bred a T3 Male and T2 Female successfully and received a foal. After that I recovered both their stamina, registered the male to breeding market only for me and I used horse breed reset on the female horse (the breeds available went back to 1).
This time it won’t let me breed them. No message showed up and I tried it again the next day, no change.

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