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I’ll second this.

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@suburbanmisfits Send me a message in game. My family name is Vaennakr. I’ll help you as best as I’m able.

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@suburbanmisfits I usually plan on making four times what is required in order to finally get credit for making whatever the quest requires. Sometimes I get by with I single successful attempt, and others it takes much more than the quest requirement to complete it. I just attained “The Best Cook” title, so I know that all the cooking quests can be completed.

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@lahn On issue #1, it is not any particular quest, but every single quest. I believe @SummerWon is correct in that this bug applies to any quest that requires you to make items rather than just turn in items.

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There are a number of problems with cooking:

  1. Only a fraction of the time does successfully cooking register for cooking quests. You still gain the final product, just not credit for the quest.

  2. Unable to mix like ingredients. For example if a recipe calls for two fish, you cannot use two different fish. They must be the same type. Same goes for flour, vegetables, meat, etc. This also applies to different qualities of the same ingredient.

  3. Unable to use Purified Water in place of Mineral Water.

  4. Superior ingredients only count as base ingredients.

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Currently there is a problem with the Amity mini game, however I think there might be a place to look. It seems like the Interest and Favor of the NPC is flipped from retail.

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There are several quests that hinge on Heidel Priest Eil who is not there. It appears that this was a problem on retail as well that was just recently fixed (within the last two months).

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I currently have five workers in Heidel with lodging for four more. However I cannot hire any more workers. When I click hire, it does not take my money. Instead the hire window closes without actually hiring the worker. I thought it might just be with the hiring manager, so I used a professional worker contract for Heidel. The contract disappeared but I didn’t gain a worker.

Update: I initially thought the problem was in Heidel, however I just tried to hire a worker in Tarif without success as well. It takes the energy, but not the money.

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I see it’s been a while since you posted this. Just want to let you know. It’s still broke.

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I’m beginning to think that this isn’t just a visual bug, nor a problem with worker stamina alone. It is probably tied directly to workers “completing” their task even though there’s 49999 left to do.

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