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@dziku Why would it be idiotic? It’s not like you will be paying millions for electricity bill if you leave your PC on with turned off display and BDO in tray plus as Extraneis said you can train horses/fish at the same time PLUS farm pearls. Honestly I see no harm in leaving the game and PC on.

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Leave BDO open, which also farms pearls?

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@smileb4die Easy fix >>> block

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@saikouoso You are talking about Targak Steel Shard, which is working. In other words he is using the right item. I tested this too and it isn’t working.

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Another thing to note is that Heilang has missing CC’s.
After attacking with him the target does not say immune but does not get CC’d at his special skills.

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Tamer grab combo broken by missing CC Skill ID 133 and it’s flow 43
Please note that the target doesn’t show immune and thus the cc isn’t evaded and should follow trough which it doesn’t.
Another thing to note that even though floating doesn’t occur the skill itself does no damage anyway.
Tested with 155/149 AP, Target’s DP around 270 or so

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Even at skill lvl 10 heilang does next to no damage to mobs.
Even though I am at 160 AP mainhand or so.

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@lahn No, sorry perhaps that was my phrasing. I meant to say that it is limited even further down to 10 characters as I cannot create a class with a name bigger than that.

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