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There is this box :

after i pushed R on it the game acted like i had been dced from the server even though i was not i couldnt access my horse like you can see in this image:

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After completing the quest For laila you need the petal to get a fairy but it isnt dropping neither is it given to you from the quest after the honey pots

Couldn’t find quest link only the item.

Laila’s Pedal : ID :54031
Database url:

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I have tried cleansing my +15 reblath armor an was unable to make it cleanse it does the animation but thats it doesnt downgrade to +14 like it is meant to

Npcs i have tried :
Eil (Heidel)
Ottavio Ferre (Velia)

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Yeah an it should be able to be renewed every 24 hours :/

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I am unable to renew any of my guildies an myselfs contracts this is what it looks like from my perspective an i am the guild leader :
0_1531619405607_BlackDesert64 2018-07-15 13-46-38-78.jpg
0_1531619406718_BlackDesert64 2018-07-15 13-46-52-74.jpg

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Is it possible to have this bugged looked into, this “visual bug” i been trying to feed them singularly seems to be broken to for me as i try feeding my workers an it wont allow me to feed them or when it does the bar doesnt fill up at all and land up going through all my beers :( for me seems both are bugged

Edited: Since rest yesterday seems to have fixed doing them singularly even though its visually wrong it works i guess it better than before :)

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I have done that an it still the same :(

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when they are not and doesnt say which days they have been off so its hard to keep a guild maintained
If someone isnt online it says they are level 1 class is warrior and just says under time since last login :online

Edit: seems this affects friendslist aswell as it has in brackets today

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On NA you can have more than 2 officer i seen 7 + officers and these guilds seem to run better than just having two officers. i was wondering if it is possible to have the two officers increased as guilds become pretty harsh to manage after 30 people with A guild leader an two officers. I find it a bit of a pain as it means only three people can add people an i would rather have the guilds open up to more people allowing more people to join guilds an be managed alot easier as having more 3 peoples input in adding an removing this would make it having more than one timezoned guild easier to manage. as i have noticed from the guild i am leader of i find quite a few trust worthy people to be officers but it feels like im picking favourites even though i do see alot of people In guild having potential in terms being officers an this could help the server to expand . Was wondering if this could be looked into :)

Edit: forgot to mention that this would make it a bit more better interms of guild missions allowing when there is a few guild members online allowing more guild missions to be put up

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