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There’s a daily restart so that’s why you can’t log in also there’s a warning in game that the server will restart in “300 Seconds”

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After you talk to Shataku sitting in the chair the next npc named Nyabee/Nyabi is missing the npc should be behind the chair. alt text

So basically you still cant finish the quest line.

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ID: 6503/6

One of the spots needed to complete the quest is missing.

There should be a notification that i can press R to interact with that location but there’s nothing in it.

It should look like this when you are near the quest location there’s a notification that i can interact with it by pressing R.

I even completed the pre requisite quest Edana’s Descendant.

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The green and blue tier ingredient works the same as the grey colored ones. It’s been the problem since a year or so now.

So it’s better just to farm the grey colored ones and give better yield than the blue ones. I think the grey tier ones gives 50-75 pcs than the blue tier that gives 10-25 per harvest.

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After the Dreighan patch you can’t learn any knowledge anymore even the knowledge you can earn by completing a quest like monster knowledge i completed a quest and it should give me a S rank of a monster , same with the knowledge about a specific knowledge.

All the knowledge im talking about is not Drieghan knowledge but Kamasylvia knowledge from Quest completion , amity game and monster knowledge after completing a quest.

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We get 8 pearls in 30 mins and the pearl shop prices are halve also you get 16 pearl box randomly from killing mobs and gathering

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They just added Drieghan and they will put those in bit by bit every week i think. I think it’s better for them to fix some broken stuff in Valencia and Kama area first before Dreighan.

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Tried Ornella with 1000+ Amity when you press “Confess” there should be a message that she will think about it and will send a mail after maintenance saying Yes or No.

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Trading item means items that can be put in MP right? Not the items for the trade life skill?

I think that all the items dropped upon death PK or by monsters those trading items. I always drop leftover food from pk or monster/dango killing me

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