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I’ve had the error occur right after click on the “Agree” button on the ToS after the splash screens. However, sometimes it is shortly after I pick my character or after like 15+minutes of playing – it’s not always consistent.

I was speaking to community manager Xaal who mentioned that other software hooking into the game may be at fault. For instance, discord has an in-game overlay which could trip this error. Right now, I’m wondering if it is being caused by Nvidia’s Ansel. I have a GTX 1080ti which comes w/ screenshot software called Ansel - it shows up after launching the same during the splash screen sequence.

For those of you getting the error do you have a newer Nvidia card w/ Ansel? Do you have other overlay software such as Overwolf, Steam (if you added this as a shortcut to Steam), MSI afterburner, etc?

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Same issue, over 100+ GB free. Rebooting helps, but does not truly fix the issue. I’m using windows defender, tried with the firewall off, tried excluding the ogrefest folder from defender scans… issue persists. I have noticed cpu spikes prior to application crashing.

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