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Will be added soon.

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Delete “User Cache” from “My Documents” / “Black Desert”

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You have to get the gear from the NPC with Korean characters.

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  1. Make sure that anti-virus is not deleting files from the download.
  2. Reinstall
  3. Repair files.
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It was written at the quest clearly that you have to take the quest from the NPC after you forfeit it, not from the black spirit.

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Updated July 7th.

【Monster AI】
● Disabled “Tomb” NPC’s due to faulty AI in Drieghan.

● Fixed an issue where mana absorption would not work on field monsters.

● Server stability improvements.

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Hmm, seems like this is affecting PvE mostly. It will be solved shortly.

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Updated July 4th.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed an issue where summoned monsters would not react to party damage when player is damaged.
● Fixed an issue where summoned monsters would fail to set target through player skills.

【All Classes】
● Fixed an issue where the attacker’s or target’s based field point (health and mana) skill damage would not be applied correctly to the target.
● Fixed an issue where skills using field points (health and mana) would not deal the correct damage in PvP.

● Fixed an issue where the attacker would not be able to absorb the target’s health via the skill “Divider V”.

● Fixed an issue where the attacker would not be able to absorb mana from the target, but the target would still lose mana.

● Duplicate monsters and NPC’s have been removed from all over the world.
● “Ogre” monster spawn time has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

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This issue is solely related to the software that you are using.

Furthermore, this error happens only when you enter the server or it happens when you launch the game as well?

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Good day OgreFest Adventurers!

In response to the recent bug exploitation regarding the new challenges, we have penalized a number of accounts that have been found guilty. These exploiters have received a permanent ban on their accounts, with a few exceptions depending on severity.
Furthermore, please be aware that any kind of exploitation of known or less known bugs, and the usage of third party software that constitutes as hacking are against our Terms of Service agreement, thus any accounts found breaking this agreement are going to be penalized.

Now let us talk some numbers:
※ Hackers found guilty over the course of one week: 32
※ Exploiters penalized since the release of the challenges: 673
※ Items removed from Marketplace, earned through non-legitimate (bug exploitation) ways: 1767

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